• The Manhattans (3) aka The Strollers (2)Maxine Brown

    The Manhattans (3) (New York)
    aka The Strollers (2)


    Personnel :

    Freddy Johnson (Lead)

    Maxine Brown

    Gilbert Monk


    Discography :

    The Manhattans (3)
    1958 - How Do You Say I'm Sorry / Love Is Where You Find It  (Warner 1016)   

    The Strollers (2)
    1958 - Wer're Strollin' / Crowded Classroom (Warner 1018)


    Biography :

    According to The Louisiana Weekly (April 1961)
    Maxine Brown first started as a Gospel singer with prof. Charles Taylor, and switched to polular tunes in 1957, joining forces with four fellows to form a group called The Manhattans composed by Freddy Johnson, Gilbert Monk and two other boys whose names have been forgotten. For Warner Records they Waxed "How Do You Say I'm Sorry" and "Love Is Where You Find It". The group was going well until some of the guys got drafted, leaving The Manhattans a trio, Freddy Johnson, Maxine Brown and Gilbert Monk. Maxine and Freddy  The Strollers which clicked in a mild sort of a way with tune called "Crowded Classroom") This was shortly followed by a changeover to Carlton Records and a new vocal group known as the Treys before signing as a solo artist with the Nomar label.

    The Manhattans (3) aka The Strollers (2)

    Her recording debut, 1960’s “All In My Mind”, is often cited as one of the first soul singles. The backing was that of a fairly typical tick-tocking rock’n’roll bal- lad, albeit with a great trombone line, but Brown was fantastic, creating a tremendous amount of tension and simmering emotion by restraining her gospel chops and then let- ting them out sparingly. “Funny” followed in a similar style in 1961, and Brown was signed by ABC-Paramount on the back of the two songs’ R&B chart success.


    Songs :

    The Manhattans (3)

    Love Is Where You Find It               How Do You Say I'm Sorry

    The Strollers (2)

    Wer're Strollin' / Crowded Classroom


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