• The Vice-Roys : (L to R) Al Linde, Paul Robertson, Bob Zoidis, Charles "Pedro" Buford and Henry Truesdale

    The Vice-Roys (2) (Phoenix, Az)
    aka Brother Zee & The Decades (1)


    Personnel :

    Al Linde

    Paul Robertson

    Bob Zoidis

    Charles "Pedro" Buford

    Henry Truesdale


    Discography :

    The Vice-Roys (2)
    Singles :
    1962 - My Heart /  I Need You Love So Bad (Ramco 3715)
    Unreleased :
    1962 - Sunday Kind Of Love (Ramco)
    1962 - Yancy (Ramco)

    Brother Zee & The Decades (1)
    1963 - Sha Boom Bang / Smokey The Bear (Ramco 3725)


    Biography :

    Phoenix, Arizona was host to an exciting musical climate in the 1950’s and 1960’s, which included a mix of rock n’ roll, R&B, and country music, along with a small number of recording studios and record labels.  Floyd Ramsey owned Ramsey’s Recording Studio at 3703 N. 7th Street, which he renamed Audio Recorders in late 1957.  He also owned several record labels including Liberty Bell and Ramco, and was a co-owner of Rev.  Local Arizona-area artists who recorded at Ramsey’s studio included the Vice-Roys and Brother Zee and the Decades.

    Audio Recorders of Arizona.

    The Vice-Roys were a racially integrated group stationed at nearby Luke Air Force Base west of Phoenix. The Aug.8,1962, session was produced by the inimitable Jim Musiln,Jr., one of the great characters in Arizona music history.  The Vice-Roys were Al Linde, Paul Robertson, Bob Zoidis, Charles "Pedro" Buford and Henry Truesdale. they were backed on the record by the mike Metko Combo. Besides "My Heart" and  "I Need You Love So Bad"the Vice-Roys also breathed new life into the old warhorse "Sunday Kind Of Love". A fourth songs "Yancy" also remained unreleased. Ramco Pressed 300 copies of "My Heart".

    Brother Zee & The Decades (L to R) Al Linde, Bob Zoidis and Charles "Pedro" Buford

    In 1963, Al Linde, Bob Zoidis and Charles "Pedro" Buford regrouped for another Ramco session as Brother Zee & The Decades. For the June 27, 1963, session, Musil was the producer and once again Metko provided themusical back-up. The A-side was an awesome re-imagination of the Rivingtons' iconic "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow" and " The Bird's The World" which the group transformed in "Sha Boom Bang". The Sha Boom Bang" acetate got immediate airplay on KRIZ in Phoenix, were it was declared "Champ of The Week" on June 29,1963.  Bob Zoidis soon left music for hair styling and by 1967, Al Linde and Charles "Pedro" Buford had gone hippie in San Francisco and were members of the Salvation Army Bannned, which later recorded as just "Salvation" For ABC records.


    Songs  :

    The Vice-Roys (2)

    My Heart                     I Need You Love So Bad               Sunday Kind Of Love

    Brother Zee & The Decades (1)

    Sha Boom Bang                     Smokey The Bear


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