• The Pixies Three (Hanover, Pennsylvania)
     (By Hans-Joachim)



    Debra “Debbie” Swisher

    Kaye McCool

    Midge Bollinger (replaced by Bonnie Long in 1964)


    The Pixies Three

    1963 - Birthday Party / Our Love (Mercury 72130)
    1963 - 442 Glenwood Ave. / Cold, Cold Winter (Mercury 72208)
    1964 - Gee / After The Party (Mercury 72231)
    1964 - It’s Summertime USA / The Hootch (Mercury 72250)
    1964 - Orphan Boy / Love Walked In (Mercury 72288)
    1964 - Your Way / Love Me, Love Me (Mercury 72357)

    1961 - Sincerely / Graduation Time (Reco-Art Sound acetate)
    1961 - I Don't Care / Tell Me (Reco-Art Sound acetate)
    1961 - Our Love (demo)
    1962 - I’m Torn (demo)
    1965 - Make Me Your Baby / Something Beautiful (Cameo / Parkway)
    n/a - I Don’t Know Why

    1964 - Welcome To The Party / 442 Glenwood Avenue / 16 Candles / That's Why I Love My Guy / Party, Party, Party / Party Lights / Gee / Birthday Party / Happy Happy Birthday Baby / Brand New Boy / House Party / After The Party (Mercury LP MG 20912 / SR 60912)

    Debra Swisher
    1965 - You’re So Good To Me / Thank You And Goodnight (Boom 60,001)



    Girl group the Pixies Three were formed in Hanover, PA in 1957 by schoolmates Debbie Swisher and Kaye McCool; after a few months of singing as a duo, they recruited third vocalist Midge Bollinger and began developing the lovely three-part harmonies that distinguished their subsequent hits.

    After years of performing at local parties and social gatherings, in 1962 the Pixies Three signed to Mercury, and under producers John Madara and David White scored their first hit with “Birthday Party,” which reached the Billboard Top 40 in the summer of 1963. In the wake of the follow-up, the double-sided “442 Glenwood Avenue” / “Cold Cold Winter,” Bollinger left the trio, and was replaced by Bonnie Long for 1964’s minor hit “Gee.”


    “It's Summertime U.S.A.” was the Pixies Three's last hit, and the group disbanded in 1965; after issuing a solo single, the Boom label release “You're So Good to Me,” Swisher replaced Peggy Santiglia as the lead vocalist of the Angels, cutting four singles for RCA before again going solo in 1968.


    In 1991, Swisher, McCool, and Long re-formed the Pixies Three to perform at their high-school reunion; not only did they play many more live dates in the years to follow, but in 1995 they also recorded a new studio album, Now and Then.
    Jason Arkeny, All Music Guide





    The Pixies, later The Pixies Three, appearing on the Ted Mack Amateur Hour, circa 1961



    Birthday Party              Birthday Party (unrel. alt. take)               Our Love

    442 Glenwood Ave.                 Cold, Cold Winter                Gee

    After The Party            It’s Summertime USA                   The Hootch

    Orphan Boy                     Love Walked In                      Your Way

    Love Me, Love Me                       Sincerely                   Graduation Time

    I Don't Care                                   Tell Me                     Our Love (demo)

    I’m Torn                         Make Me Your Baby                  Something Beautiful

    I Don’t Know Why                Welcome To The Party              16 Candles

    That's Why I Love My Guy           Party, Party, Party            Party Lights

    Happy Happy Birthday Baby        Brand New Boy              House Party

    You’re So Good To Me          Thank You And Goodnight

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