The Lyrics (3) (San Francisco)


    Personnel :

    William Wigfall (Lead)

    James Shellbourne

    Woodroe Blake

    William Jarvis

    Ben Hamilton

    James Landers


    Discography :

    The Lyrics (3)
    1959 - Every Night / Come Back baby (Rhythm 127)

    William Wigfall & The Lyrics (3)
    1962 - Got to Get Along / Come Back (Skylight 202)

    Leo Valentine & The Lyrics (3)
    1962 - Please don't Leave me this way / Baby Doll (Skylight 201)

    Ida Valentine & The Lyrics (3)
    1962 - Now That You've Gone / Why Did You Lie (Skylight 200)


    Biography :

    The Lyrics produced only one record for Rhythm. The obscure SF/Oakland Rhythm Records, created by Mr Don Barksdale, the first black collegiate basketball Hall of Famer and great DJ on station KDIA in Oakland, sister station to WDIA. You didn't hear this on Top 40 radio. 3 years later, The Lyrics recorded three more singles for skylight records.

    Songs :

    Got to Get Along                                    Every Night

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