• The Ivories (1) (Manhattan, New York)
    aka The Love Notes (3)

    ref : The Ivories (2) aka The Ivoleers

    Personnel :

    Johnny Hicks (Lead tenor)

    Dave Cole (First tenor)

    Joe Shallow (Second tenor)

    Johnny Earl Jackson (Baritone)

    James Coney (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Ivories (1)
    1955 - Alone / Baby Send A Letter (Jaguar 3019/3023)

    The Love Notes (3)
    1957 - United / Tonight (Holiday 2605)
    1957 - If I Could Make You Mine / Don't Go (Holiday 2607)

    Ref :
    The Ivories (2)
    1957 - Me And You / I'm In Love (Mercury 71239)
    The Ivoleers
    1959 - Lovers' Quarrel / Come With Me (Buzz 101)101

    Biography :

    The Ivories started in early 1955 with Johnny Hicks (lead tenor), Dave Cole (first tenor), Joe Shallow (second tenor), Johnny Earl Jackson (baritone), and James Coney (bass). The pianist and arranger was Sylvester Bradford. The group took its name from Sylvester's piano keys: the Ivories. They auditioned for George Bennett, owner of Jaguar Records and cut "Alone " b/w "Baby Send A Letter". The record was released in November 1955. By late 1956, Dave Cole was replaced by second tenor Lucy Cedeno & Johnny Earl Jackson left. In early 1957, the Ivories changed their name to the Love Notes.


    Pretty soon they had a contract to record for Danny Robinson and Clarence Johnson's Holiday label. At their first session, they recorded "United" and "Tonight,". "United" started taking off in New York. It did so well so quickly, that the Love Notes were hurried into a show at the Apollo. Somewhere along the way, the Love Notes managed to fit in a second session. This time the songs were "If I Could Make You Mine" and "Don't Go," another pair led by Johnny Hicks. They were released in mid-August, 1957. Shortly after the band broke up.

    The Love Notes (3) - Lucy Cedeno, Joe Shallow, James Coney, Johnny Hicks                                          

    After leaving the Ivories, Johnny Earl Jackson formed a new Ivories group consisted of Johnny Earl Jackson (baritone/bass), his girlfriend, Ella Lewis (lead), her brother, Richard Lewis (first tenor), Moses Brown (baritone), and a second tenor named "Blinky." They recorded a pair of tunes  "Me And You" b/w "I'm In Love" for Mercury. Then Moses Brown got disgusted and left the Ivories, to be replaced by a baritone named "Chink."they  changing their name to the Ivoleers and recorded "Lovers' Quarrel" and "Come With Me" for Bobby Smith's Buzz label in early 1959.

    Songs :

    The Ivories (1)

    Alone                                  Baby Send A Letter

    The Love Notes (3)

    United                                 Tonight                      If I Could Make You Mine

    Don't Go

    The Ivories (2)

    Me And You                                       I'm In Love

    The Ivoleers

    Lovers' Quarrel                                   Come With Me







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