• The Ivoleers aka The Ivories (2)

    The Ivories (2) aka The Ivoleers
    Ella Lee Lewis Jr.

    The Ivoleers ((Manhattan, New York)
    aka The Ivories (2)


    Personnel :

    Ella Lee Lewis Jr. (Lead)

    Johnny Earl Jackson (Baritone/Bass)

    Richard Lewis (First Tenor)

    Moses Brown (Baritone)

    "Blinky"  (SecondTenor)


    Discography :

    The Ivories (2)
    1957 - Me And You / I'm In Love (Mercury 71239)

    The Ivoleers
    1959 - Lovers' Quarrel / Come With Me (Buzz 101)


    Biography :

    When the Ivories / Love Notes disbanded in the Summer of 1957, Johnny Earl Jackson, who was part of the original Ivories who recorded on Jaguar Records "Alone" and "Baby Send A Letter",  formed a new group. Since the Ivories were no longer in existence (having become the Love Notes), he recycled the name.  The New Ivories group consisted of his girlfriend, Ella Lee Lewis Jr. (lead), her brother, Richard Lewis (first tenor),  Moses Brown (baritone), a second tenor named "Blinky" and Johnny Earl Jackson (baritone/bass).

    The Ivories (2) aka The Ivoleers

     They recorded "Me And You" and "I'm In Love" released by Mercury Recordsin November 1957. Moses Brown left the Ivories and was replaced by a baritone named "Chink." , They changed their name by  to the Ivoleers and  recorded "Lovers' Quarrel" and "Come With Me" for Bobby Smith's Buzz label in early 1959. http://www.uncamarvy.com/Ivories/ivories.html


    Songs :

    The Ivories (2)

    Me And You                                   I'm In Love

    The Ivoleers

    Come With Me                                Lovers' Quarrel


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