• The Blenders (5)  (Chicago)
    aka The Candles (2)


    Personnel :

    Gail Mapp (Lead)

    Harold Jones

    Albert Hunter

    Goldie Coates

    Delores Johnson

    Discography :

    The Blenders (5)
    1962 - Everybody's Got A Right / What have you got (Cortland 103)
    1963 - Daughter / Everybody's Got A Right (Witch 114)

    1963 - Boys think (Every girl's the same) / Squat And Squim (Witch 117)
    1963 - One time / One time (Witch 122)
    1966 - Love Is A Good Thing Going / Your Love Has Got Me Down (Mar-V-Lous 6010)

    Baby Jane & The Blenders (5)
    1963 - You Trimmed My Christmas Tree (Witch 112)

    Goldie Coates & The Blenders (5)
    1962 - Love Is A Treasure / Fisherman (Cortland 102)

    The Candles (2)
    1964 - Junior / Down Of My Knees (Starr brothers) (Nike 1016)

    Biography :

    Harold Jones and Albert Hunter had been members of an ad hoc group, the Maples on blue Lake. Harold Jones had also been with the Five Chances and Albert Hunter with the Clouds (1). They made the national charts, the pop charts no less, scoring with "Daughter".


    A song penned by jones and led by Coates, which had the flavor of both soul and Doo wop. It lasted eight weeks on Billboard's pop chart in the summer of 1963, peaking at position sixty-one. Curiously, the record did not make the R&B charts. The Song also took the group to the Apollo Theatre. The group also recorded as the candles on the Nike Label.


    Songs :

    The Blenders (5)

    Everybody's Got A Right              Daughter                         Boys think

    Baby Jane & The Blenders (5)

    You Trimmed My Christmas Tree

    Goldie Coates & The Blenders (5)

     Fisherman                          Love Is A Treasure


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