• Connie & The Cones

    Connie & The Cones (Nashville, Tennessee)


    Personnel :

    Connie Sue Landers (Lead)

    Don Whitley

    Bob McClain


    Discography :

    1959 - Let Us Pretend / I See The Image Of You (NRC 5006)
    1960 - Lonely Girl's Prayer / I Love My Teddy Bear (Roulette 4223)
    1960 - Take All The Kisses / No Time For Tears (Roulette 4313)

    1960 - Young In Your Teens (Roulette)


    Biography :

    Connie was actually born Connie Sue Landers on April 19, 1944 in Austin, Texas. While she was classmates at Hillsboro High in Nashville, Connie formed the Teen-Notes with Don Whitley and Bob McClain. They were chosen as one of the "Discoveries of the Week" at the summer park concerts in 1958.

    Connie & The Cones    Connie & The Cones
    Connie Sue Landers                                                                                                                                   

    At this time, they attract the attention of a producer who has them sign on NRC (National Recording Corp) NRC Records was started in Atlanta Georgia in the late 50's and had a large output of records until the late 60's. The Group cut "Let Us Pretend" b/w "I See The Image Of You" which will be released in 1959 as Connie & The Cones.

    Connie & The Cones

    With this single, the group performed in the area and its surroundings and quickly became popular.  Connie & the Cones sign a recording contract with Roulette Records wher they cut two singles in 1960, "Lonely Girl's Prayer" b/w "I Love My Teddy Bear" and "Take All The Kisses" b/w "No Time For Tears".

    Connie & The Cones    Connie & The Cones
    The Auctionettes                                                            Leroy Van Dyke & The Auctionettes                 

    After the group’s break-up, Connie recorded a variety of sound-alikes and original compositions for about 4 years for the Hit Records label of Nashville as Connie Landers, Connie Dee or Connie . When she was fresh out of High School, Connie was asked to audition for Leroy Van Dyke when she was around 20 or 21. It was for the Auctionettes, a trio of girls who traveled to performances with Leroy. They were Connie Sue Landers, Barbara Voorhies, Sally Harrison .


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Let Us Pretend                             I See The Image Of You

    Lonely Girl's Prayer                            I Love My Teddy Bear

    Take All The Kisses                       No Time For Tears

    Young In Your Teens

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