• The Clefftones
    Caswell "Cas" Bridges

    The Clefftones (Brooklyn, NY)


    Personnel :

    Caswell "Cas" Bridges (Lead Tenor)

    Robert Adams (Tenor)

    Nolan (Tenor)

    Hershel Guerrant (Bass)

    Al Jackson (Baritone)

    Discography :

    Single :
    1955 - My Dearest Darling / (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (Old Town 1011)

    Unreleased :
    1955 - Gloria (Old Town)
    1955 - Guess Who (Old Town)
    1955 - Little Girl (Old Town)


    Biography :

    Sometime in late 1954, Caswell "Cas" Bridges  left the four Fellows and started working as the singer with a small band run by blind pianist Cliff Driver.  When they started thinking about making a full group out of it, Cliff rounded up some singers he knew : baritone Al Jackson , Robert Adams (tenor), Nolan ? (tenor), and Hershel Guerrant (bass). They called themselves the "Clefftones.  The Clefftones recorded at least six songs on March 4, 1955: "My Dearest Darling," "The Masquerade Is Over," "Gloria," "Guess Who," "Little Girl," and "The Last Roundup."  "The Masquerade Is Over" and "My Dearest Darling" were released in March 1955. These failed to take off and that was the end of the Clefftones' recording career.

    Songs :

               My Dearest Darling                (I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over

                                 Gloria                            Guess Who / The Last Roundup (not them)          


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