• The Quentins aka The Dee-Vines (1)
    Chuck Smith (seated) - top : Gary Stem, Richard Elter and Don Nicita

    The Dee-Vines (1)  (Westchester County, N.Y)
    aka The Quentins

    Personnel :

    Don Nicita (Lead)

    Chuck Smith

    Richard Elter

    Gary Stem

    Discography :

    Neil Stevens & The Dee-Vines (1)
    1958 - More And More / What Could Be Better (Brunswick 55095)

    The Quentins
    1959 - You'll Never Know / Mi Amore (Andie 5014)

    The Dee-Vines (1)
    1960 - I Believe / Worlds Greatest Lover (Lano 2001/relic 514))

    Biography :

    in 1959, Laurie Records has launched a new subsidiary label, Andie Records. It will release the same kind of records that Laurie has issued in the pop and jazz fields. But the new label will be serviced by other distributors, according to a.&r. chief Gene Schwartz. First recordings are by the Chippendales, whose disking is "What a Night," and the other is by the Quentins. The group recorded in 1959 the single "You'll Never Know" b/w "Mi Amore". The Quentins come from Westchester County, N.Y. and consisted of Don Nicita (Lead), Richard Elter, Chuck Smith and Gary Stem .

    The Quentins aka The Dee-Vines (1)    The Quentins aka The Dee-Vines (1)
    Neil Stevens & The Dee-Vines (1)                                                                                                 

    However before being called the "Quentins" the group had already recorded a first record where they accompanied the singer Neil Stevens in October 1958 on "More And More" and "What Could Be Better". The single will be released by Brunswick Records as Neil Stevens & The Dee-Vines.  In 1960, Neil Stevens joined the Temptations as Lead singer with Larry Curtis, Artie Sands, and Artie Marin, not to be confused with the famous Motown group by the same name. This lesser-known group from New York released one Top 40 hit, "Barbara," in 1960, about one year before the more famous Temptations were founded. Neil Stevens went solo shortly after the release of "Barbara."

    The Quentins aka The Dee-Vines (1)    The Quentins aka The Dee-Vines (1)

    In October,1960 Don Nicita & his fellows recorded "I Believe" and "Worlds Greatest Lover" released by the Rocco Catalano's Lano label from Port Chester,N.Y.. This time they take back their original name The Dee-Vines . The group appeared on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour on May 23, 1960 and perform "Lonesome Road" .


    Videos :

    Lonesome Road


    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    Neil Stevens & The Dee-Vines (1)
    More And More                           What Could Be Better

    The Dee-Vines (1)

         I Believe                                   World's Greatest Lover

    The Quentins

        Mi Amore                                      You'll Never Know




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