The Classmen (1) (Shelton, CT.)

    Personnel :

    George DeJoy (Lead/Bass Guitar)

    Eddie Greco (Vocal/Guitar)

    Angelo Faccento (Vocal/Drums)

    Discography :

    1963 - True Love / Silver Medal (Gateway 712)

    Biography :

    By Daryl DeJoy
    Vocal & Instrumental Group from Pittsburgh consisted from left, Eddie Greco (who is still alive and lives in Titusville, Florida), George DeJoy in the center sang lead and played bass guitar and on the right, Angelo Faccento.

    They were the original "The Classmen" and the band recorded at Bob Schachner's Gateway Studio in Pittsburgh the songs "True Love" and "Silver Medal". George DeJoy is a multi-instrumentalist in the early '60s .

    Unfortunately, He never had the opportunity to take his potential any further.  In between gigs he worked at the BF Goodrich plant in Shelton, Connecticut, and one day returned home complaining of a headache. George DeJoy passed away suddenly in 1963 of a cerebral hemorrhage  and the band broke up.


    They were a rare three man doo wop group, which required one of the singers to sing two different parts during the song. Angie Faccento passed away about five years ago of cancer.

    Songs :

    True Love                                            Silver Medal


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