• The Magnets (1)
    Tom Luxmore, Bud Watters, Jeff Remington & Gordie Mandot

    The Magnets (1) (Akron, Ohio)


    Personnel :

    Gordie Mandot (Lead)

    Tom Luxmore

    Bud Watters

    Jeff Remington


    Discography :

    1958 - Don't Tarry Little Mary / When The School Bell Rings (RCA 7391)


    Biography :

    The chain of coincidence began when the quartet was a double duet. Gordie Mandat and Tom Luxmore beat out competition in a Copley High Talent Contest. A similar show at Buchthel was a sounding board for the voices of Bud Watters and Jeff Remington.  Taping tunes at the Akron Recording Studio, The quartet met Kenny Wade, who was backing up his brother on the drums in rehearsal. Sixteen year-old Kenny had written almost 75 songs, including the numbers the Magnets have since warbled on Wax : "Don't Tarry Little Mary" and "When The School Bell Rings". In record time, the live five were headed for New York In Kenny's car stocked with tapes and quivering confidence on a drive for an audition. Allen Stanton of Sheldon Publishing Co. arranged tryouts with Coral and RCA.  They got the good news when he telephoned from the Turnpike, They had a contract with RCA Victor. First the quartet needed a name "to attract" and Manager Wade came up with 'The Magnets." Next came a return engage, ment in New York to cut their first platter. When the disc was released in November, personal appearances throughout kept the boys on the move with two or three shows a week throughout Northern Ohio.


    Song :

    When The School Bell Rings                   Don't Tarry Little Mary     


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