• The I.V. Leaguers

    The I.V. Leaguers (Portsmouth, Ohio)

    Personnel :

    Bud Stockman (Lead)

    Mike Cranston

    Tom Phillips

    Don Stamper

    Jim Middlecamp

    Bob Destocki

    Charles Bartlett


    Discography :

    1957 - The Story / Ring Chimes (Porter 1003/1004 / Dot 15677)
    1959 - Told By The Stars / Jim Jam (Inst.) (Nau-Voo 803)

    Biography :

    Vocal group from High School in Portsmouth (Ohio). The I-V-Leaguers recorded at Dot and Nau-Voo Records.

    The I.V. Leaguers

    They consisted of Mike Cranston, Tom Phillips, Bob Destocki Bud Stockham, Don Stamper, Charles Bartlett and Jim Middlecamp. 

    Songs :

    The Story              Told By The Stars                      Ring Chimes



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