• The I.V. Leaguers

    The I.V. Leaguers (Portsmouth, Ohio)


    Personnel :

    Bud Stockman (Lead)

    Mike Cranston

    Tom Phillips

    Don Stamper

    Jim Middlecamp

    Bob Destocki

    Charles Bartlett


    Discography :

    1957 - The Story / Ring Chimes (Porter 1003/1004 / Dot 15677)
    1959 - Told By The Stars / Jim Jam (Inst.) (Nau-Voo 803)


    Biography :

    The I V Leaguers were the founding rock-n-roll band from Portsmouth, consisting of students (and graduates) from Portsmouth High School. They were a self contained band that had the band lineup with the ability to sing group harmony vocals. 

    The I.V. Leaguers

    The I V Leaguers were Tom "Flip" Phillips on drums (class of 1956), Charles "Chub" Bartlett and Bob Destocki on vocals (class of 1957), Harry "Mike" Cranston on bass guitar, Don "Dumbo" Stamper on vocals, and Jim "Monk" Middlecamp on lead guitar (Class of 1958), and lead singer Howard "Bud" Stockham on lead vocals. The group played every possible venue and show in the area during their time together, and are still well remembered in the area.

    The I.V. Leaguers

    The group recorded two 45s, one for the local Nau-Voo label and one for Porter (rereleased on Dot) records. The Porter/Dot 45 features two doowop songs with Bud Stockham on lead. The uptempo "Ring Chimes" was the A side and got some airplay and sales. The Nau-Voo 45 has the doowop ballad "Told By The Stars" and the guitar instrumental "Jim-Jamin'" which from the title was a feature number for Jim Middlecamp. The Nau-Voo 45 has two pressings, the first one having the title as "Jim-Jam" and the writer credit mispelled as "Mim" for Jim.


    Songs :

    The Story                           Told By The Stars                      Ring Chimes



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