• The Jades (2)

    The Jades (2) (Charleston, West Virginia)

    Personnel :

    Ron Brooks (Lead)

    Dave Ellison

    Gene Moffatt

    Denzil Shamblin

    Discography :

    1959 - Walking All Alone / Hey, Little Girl (Nau-Voo 807)    

    Biography :

    The original edition of  The Jades was a white, R&B group, formed in 1957, from Charleston, West Virginia. Along with their band ,the Bluetone Orchestra , their recordings of "Hey, Little Girl" and "Walking All Alone", written by lead singer Ron Brooks, were produced by Nau-Voo Records in Portsmouth, Ohio in 1959. "Hey, Little Girl" was given a very good rating by Billboard Magazine and was briefly successful in Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  Shortly thereafter, Dee Clark came out on Vee-Jay Records with a different "Hey, Little Girl" which became very popular at that time. Since Vee-Jay Records had a much larger company and distribution network, Nau-Voo Records could not compete and ceased to distribute The Jades "Hey, Little Girl". The singing group then disbanded. Other members of the group were Dave Ellison, Gene Moffatt, and Denzil Shamblin. their version of "Hey, Little Girl" has become a very rare, white doo-wop record.

    Songs :

    Walking All Alone                             Hey, Little Girl



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