• José Williams, Stokes Anderson, Gordon Hunt, Roy Johnson and Harry Wilbert  (Piano)

    Jose & The Aztecs (1) (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    Personnel :

    José Williams (Lead)

    Roy Johnson ( First Tenor)

    Gordon Hunt (Baritone)

    Stokes Anderson (Bass)

    Harry Wilbert  (Piano)

    Discography : 

    1956 - Tonight / Rose (Echo)

    Unreleased :
    1955 - Baby Baby (Roadhouse LP 5001)
    1955 - Does She Know (Roadhouse LP 5001)
    1955 - My Aching Heart (Roadhouse LP 5001)
    1955 - Wait A Minute Baby (Roadhouse LP 5001)
    1955 - Why Did You Leave Me (Roadhouse LP 5001)

    Biography :

    Organised in Cincinnati in 1955, The Aztecs were led by José Williams of Washington D.C, Roy Johnson sang First Tenor, Gordon Hunt sang Baritone, Stokes Anderson was the Bass, and Harry Wilbert played Piano. The Group was greatly influenced by the Diablos, and had one release in 1956, "Tonight" b/w "Rose" on the now defunct Echo label out of Cincinnati, Ohio.
    Thanks to Marv

    Songs :

    Baby Baby                        Does She Know                 My Aching Heart

    Wait A Minute Baby            Why Did You Leave Me


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