• The Dedications (1)

    The Dedications (1) (Ozone Park, New York) 


    Personnel :

    1961 lineup

    Mike Parquette (Lead & First Tenor)

    Steve Variccio (Baritone)

    Kenny Jeremiah (Second Tenor)

    Bobby Bosco (First Tenor)

    1983 lineup

    Mike Parquette(Lead & First Tenor)

    Joseph Burke (First Tenor)

    John Mallon (Bass)

    Ronald Petri (Second Tenor)

    Steve Petri (Baritone)


    Discography :

    The Dedications (1)
    1962 - Why Don't You Write Me / Boppin Around (Card 335/336/201)
    1963 - Shinning Star / Mary Lou (C&A 506)
    1963 - I Ain't A Bit Sorry / Toy Boy (Bell 611)
    19?? - My Juanita / Why Don't You Write Me (Avenue D8)
    1983 - Why Don't You Write Me / My Juanita (Avenue D 8)
    1983 - Crazy For You / Never (Avenue D 9) 

    Johnnie Shepherd  bb The Dedications (1)
    1961 - How Blue My Heart / Boom Boom Boomerang (Tilden 3001)

    Scott English & The Dedications (1)
    1962 - (You're Takin')  Ugly Pills / When (Joker 777)
    1963 -  When / High On A Hill (with the Accents)(Sultan 4003/Spokane 4003)

    The Dedications (1)


    Biography :

    The Dedications were a White group from Ozone Park, New York composed in 1958 by Mike Parquette (Lead & First Tenor), Steve Variccio (Baritone), Kenny Jeremiah (Second Tenor) & Bobby Bosco (First Tenor). The group was managed by Frank Cariola. Frank Cariola (Cari) was based in New York City along with his songwriting partner Anna Vito.

    The Dedications (1)

    The Dedications (1963)  Bobby Bosco, Kenny Jeremiah,  Richie Ingui, & Charlie Ingui

    Frank Cari is another one of those independent writer/arranger/producers whose name appears on various New York labels in the early to mid sixties. He owned Card Records, Sultan Records, Joker Records, Tilden Records, Sultan (BMI) and Turban (BMI)…

    The Dedications (1)

    The Dedications backed Johnnie Shepherd on his Tilden’single and cut "Why Don't You Write Me" b/w "Boppin Around" on The Card Label. The group appear on the Murray the K and Cousin Bruce shows and backed Scott English on others Frank Cariola’s label : Joker & Sultan. . Their rendition of the Crests’ "My Juanita" though probably recorded in the early 60's did not surface until this original Avenue D release.

    The Dedications (1)  

    The Dedications (1963) Kenny Jeremiah, Bobby Bosco, Richie Ingui, & Charlie Ingui

    In early 1963, Steve Variccio Left, he was replaced by Charlie Ingui & when Mike Paquette left he was replaced by Richie Ingui. when Bobby Bosco left..... Charlie Ingui Richie Ingui & Kenny Jeremiah went on to become the New Dedications who recorded "I Ain't A Bit Sorry" b/w "Toy Boy ». This group could be called the fore runner of the Soul Survivors.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Dedications (1)

    Why Don't You Write Me / Boppin Around

     Shinning Star / Mary Lou                         I Ain't A Bit Sorry

    Why Don’t You Write Me / My Juanita           Crazy For You / Never          


    Johnnie Shepherd  bb The Dedications (1)

    Boom Boom Boomerang / How Blue My Heart


    Scott English & The Dedications (1)

    (You're Takin') Ugly Pills / When


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