• The Cineramas (Stamford, CT)

    Personnel :

    Joey Bennett

    Barti LoDolce

    Curtis Grasty

    Frankie Palmer

    Discography :

    The Cineramas
    1959 - Life Can Be Beautiful / It Must Be Love (Champ 103)
    1960 - Crying For You / I'm Sorry Baby (Rhapsody 71963/ Candlelite 433)
    1973 - Is This All Mine / Crying For You (Clifton 4)

    Roc Rowland & The Cineramas
    1960 - Playing For Keeps / I Don't Care (Rhapsody 71987)


    Biography :

    The Cineramas were a doo-wop group from the late 50's and early 60's based in Stamford, CT. They were a mixed black and white group led by Joey Bennett and Frankie Palmer. The other members were  Barti LoDolce & Curtis Grasty .


    Frankie Palmer still very active in the business. He also has other records and was part of the act of “Frankie & Johnny” (Frankie Palmer & Johnny Angel).  They were with Mercury Records where they recorded “Hometown USA”, “Lucille/Slipp’in an a Slid’in”, I can’t Stand up Alone” and on Lourie Record “Midnight Magic Man”, with the group Franklyn Circle.

    Songs :

    Crying For You                            Life Can Be Beautiful

    I'm Sorry Baby                                Is This All Mine

    It Must Be Love                          Playing For Keeps (Roc Rowland)




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