• The Sultans (3)  

    The Sultans (3) (Louisville, KY)


    Personnel :

    Tom "Cosmo" Cosdon (Lead)

    John St. Clair (Tenor)

    Ralph Zehnder (Baritone)

    Lenny Whatley (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Sultans (3)
    1961 - It'll Be Easy / You Got Me Goin (Tilt 782)
    1962 - Toss In My Sleep / I Feel Your Love Growing Cold (Jam 103)
    1962 - Mary, Mary / How Far Does A Friendship Go (Jam 107)
    1963 - Christina / Someone You Can Trust (Guyden 2079)
    1964 - Poor Boy / Don't Tie Me Down (Jam 113)
    1964 - She’s Got It / Stay My Love (Backstage 1101)
    1965 - Don't You Just Know It / She Loves Me (Afco 522)

    Cosmo bb The Sultans (3)
    1962 - Sweetheart Please Don't Go / Just Words (Tilt 789)

    Biography :

    The Sultans were organized in the basement of Charles Woodring in 1959. Michael Woodring started the group and sang with them for eighteen months. He developed ulcers and had to quit. Mr. and Mrs. Woodring continued furnishing the group a place to practice and remained their biggest fans. The basement of the Rush Inn, located at Brownsboro Rd. and Melwood Ave., was also a frequent place to rehearse.

    The Sultans 1962 : R.Metzger, J. St. Clair, B. Summitt, L. Whetley, G. Owens, B.Crabb, G.Fawbush, R.Deetch, F.Rush

    The Sultans were Tommy “Cosmo” Cosdon, Lead Vocal, replaced by Richard Metzger ‘61, replaced by Wayne McDonald ‘63 ‘til ‘64; John St. Clair, Tenor; Ralph Zehnder, Baritone replaced by Bill Summitt ‘61; Lenny Whatley, Bass; George Fawbush, Lead Guitar; Vince Tabler, Rhythm Guitar, replaced by George Owens on keyboards ‘61; Ronnie Deetch, Sax; Bill Crabb, Bass Guitar; Frank Rush, Drums. Their first paying job was a breakfast at Trinity High School in ‘59. It was after the junior prom and it payed $20. They also frequently played at the VFW’s in St. Matthews.

    1959 - (L to R) Tom "Cosmo" Cosdon, John St. Clair, Ralph Zehnder  & Lenny Whatley

    In 1961 the Sultans recorded their first record, “It’ll Be Easy”, a song written by Charles Woodring. In the sixties, Mr. Woodring’s songs were recorded by several local artists including “Just Words” by Cosmo, “Till I Hear It From You” by the Monarchs, and “Someone Like You” by Eddie Morris. “It’ll Be Easy” was the first record by a local artist to go to the number 1 spot on the local charts. It remained in the number 1 position for five weeks and remained on the charts all summer.

    1959 - Top : George Fawbush, Ronnie Deetch, Frank Rush & Vince Tabler
     Bottom : Eddie Hess, Mike Woodring, Tom "Cosmo" Cosdon & Ralph Zehnder

    After the Sultan’s second recording session which produced “Sweetheart Please Don’t Go”, a management decision was made to release the record listing only Cosmo and not the Sultans. Cosmo began appearing with a new backup group, the Counts. He was replaced by Richard Metzger. Through the sixties the Sultans had a string of local and regional hits. In ‘62, “Toss In My Sleep” went to number 7 on WKLO’s charts. In ‘63, “Mary, Mary” went to number 16 on WAKY. “She’s Got It” and “Poor Boy” also charted locally. The group broke up in 1970 and reformed in 1972.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Sultans (3)

    It'll Be Easy                       You Got Me Goin                 Toss In My Sleep

    Mary, Mary                 How Far Does A Friendship Go                  Poor Boy

    She’s Got It                             Stay My Love                        She Loves Me

         Don't You Just Know It   Christina / Someone You Can Trust

    Cosmo bb The Sultans (3)

    Sweetheart Please Don't Go                 Just Words


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