The Dyna-Sores (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Rene Hall (Lead)

    Ty Terrell (Tenor)

    Jimmy Norman Scott (Second Tenor)

    H.B. Barnum (Baritone/Bass)

    Discography :

    1960 -  Alley Oop / Jungle Walk (instrumental) (Rendezvous 120)

    Biography :

    Led by vocalist/guitarist Rene Hall, the Dyna-Sores were the third group to enjoy a hit with "Alley Oop," the Dallas Frazier-penned ode to the comic strip caveman. Although not as successful as Dante & the Evergreens, who reached the 15th chart position, and the Hollywood Argyles, whose version went to number one, the Dyna-Sores helped to turn Frazier's tune into one of the most commercially successful releases of 1960.

                                                      Ernie Freeman                                        (paste-up picture) Left to right : Hall, Barum, Terrell and Scott (bottom)  

    The group  consisted of Rene Hall, H. B. Barnum (formally of "The Robins"), Jimmy Norman Scott (formally of "The Chargers and who would later become a member of "The Coasters") , Terrell Leonard who went by the name of "Ty Terrell" (also formally of "The Robins") and Ernie Freeman on piano.

    Songs :

    Alley-Oop                                        Jungle Walk


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