• The Gassers featuring Jesse Belvin on Cash Records

    The Gassers (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    George Parker (First Tenor)

    Howard Watson (Second Tenor)

    Willie Henderson (Baritone)

    Haydell Mitchell (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Gassers
    Singles :
    1956 - Hum-De-Dum / Tell Me (Cash 1035)
    1957 - Dody Mighty / Doggonit (Encino 1011)
    Unreleased :
    1956 - Why Did You Leave Me (Cash)
    1956 - My Aching Feet (Cash)
    1956 - Beloved (Cash)

    Jesse Belvin bb The Gassers
    1957 - Beware / Dry Your Tears (Cash 1056)

    Biography :

    The Gassers who hail from Los Angeles recorded for Cash Records, one of the legendary Dolphins of Hollywood labels. Dolphin produced several famous records under the Recorded In Hollywood label, and eventually created other labels like Lucky Records, Cash Records, and finally, Money Records. Dolphin sold Money and its holdings to Don Pierce's Hollywood Records in 1956. The Gassers consisted of George Parker, Howard Watson, Willie Henderson and Haydell Mitchell. The name of "Gasser" is a reference to the hair straightening process many blacks went through.


    The Gassers were a sort of vehicle group for Tommy "Buster" Williams, a vocalist who was championed by Jesse Belvin. Known by many as the father of LA doo wop, Jesse Belvin persuaded Dolphin to release "Hum De Dum" and its flipside, "Tell Me". On "Tell Me", Tommy "Buster" Williams singing second tenor & Jesse Belvin singing the falsetto background. Jesse Belvin sang lead on "Hum-De-Dum". The Gassers had a minor hit with “Tell Me” backed with “Hum De Dum” (Cash Records #1035) in 1956.


    In 1957, the Gassers have a second single with "Dody Mighty" b/w "Doggonit" both written by Baritone' Willie Henderson. Encino Records from Hollywood released the single. The same year, the Gassers backed Jesse Belvin on the exceptional ballad, “Beware” b/w “Dry Your Tears,” a reissue of his 1954 release “Hang Your Tears Out To Dry” on Dolphin’s RIH. “Beware” charted #30 on KDAY on Jan. 3 and #18 on KFWB on Jan. 18, 1958.

    Songs :

    The Gassers

    The Gassers (featuring Jesse Belvin)- Hum De Dum (w/session talk)

    Dody Mighty                                   Doggonit

    Hum-De-Dum                                      Tell Me

    Why Did You Leave Me                       Hum-De-Dum / Beloved

    My Aching Feet

    Jesse Belvin bb The Gassers

    Dry Your Tears                                     Beware


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