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    The Five Sharks (1) (Long Island, New York)
    aka The Gold Bugs



    Eddie Schwartz

    Johnny Mumford

    Bruce Garland



    Discography :

    The Five Sharks (1)
    1964 - Stormy Weather / If You Love Me (Time Sq. 35)

    The Gold Bugs
    1965 - Stop That Wedding / It's So Nice (Coral 62453)


    Biography :

    The Five Sharks were a young white group from Floral Park, Long Island who were known as the Florals when they recorded their version of "Stormy Weather" for Irving "Slim" Rose.  The group consisted of Eddie Schwartz, Johnny Mumford, Bruce Garland and another guy. To capitalize on his self-created "Stormy Weather" promotion (he kept offering more cash each week for an original 45 of the Five Sharps' 952 Jubilee recording, "Stormy Weather;" Irving "Slim" Rose never had to pay up and, to this date, no 45 has ever turned up), Slim renamed the Florals the "Five Sharks" and pressed up his first 100 copies on a unique multicolor vinyl Times Square pressing with a longer intro  creating an instant collector's item. Eddie Schwartz's  friend of the family had a friend who had a barber shop in Atlantic City with a recording studio in the back, The Florals group cut "Stop That Wedding" and "It's So Nice" released by Coral Records as The Gold Bugs.  The record was produced by Dave Rick, who had also produced Vito & the Salutations' "Unchained Melody."


    Songs :

    The Five Sharks (1)

    Stormy Weather                         If You Love Me

    The Gold Bugs

    *** Stop That Wedding***                              It's So Nice            


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