• The Camerons (2) (Bronx, New York)
    aka The Demilles


    Personnel :

    Mike DeMartino "Mike Taylor"  (Lead)

    Bobby Falcone

    Al Crisci

    Dave Romano


    Discography :

    The Camerons (2)

    Single :
    1961 - Guardian Angel / The Girl That I Marry (Cousins 1003)

    1960 - Red Red Robin (Cousins)
    1960 - Laura (Cousins)
    1962 - Barbara's Doin' The Twist (Cousins)
    1962 - Swinging On A Star (Cousins)

    Mike Taylor "DeMartino" bb The Camerons (2)
    1962 - He´s A Lover / Mi-A-Suri Talk (Dream)

    Carlo bb The Camerons (2)
    1963 - Little Orphan Girl / Mairzy Doats (Laurie 3157)

    The Demilles
    1964 - Donna Lee / Um-Ba-Pa (Laurie 3230)
    1964 - Cry And Be On Your Wy / Lazy Love (Laurie 3247)


    Biography :

    Formed by Bobby Falcone, Al Crisci and Mike DeMartino (aka Mike Taylor), This Camerons have no relation to the earlier Camerons on Cousins Records. This was a totally different group which simply "borrowed" the name (they had once been know as the Idols) for their Cousin release "Guardian Angel". "Guardian Angel" The song had come to Cichetti's attention via the previous recording by Al Reno & the Selections (Antone 101) and was one which he was anxious to record himself. Once completed and released on Cousins, the masters eventually was acquired and issued by Felsted (a subsidiary of london records). Dave Romano (Of the Tremonts) joined the Camerons after their recording. They recorded four songs " Red Red Robin", "Laura", "Barbara's Doin' The Twist" and "Swinging on a star", which remained unreleased.


     Their next release was "Mi-A-Suri Talk", written by Ernie Maresca in honor of Murray the K, a famous New York DJ. The record was produced by group member Mike DeMartino, who had it release under his own stage name of Mike Taylor. Bobby Falcone sang together with Dave Romano (Tremonts), Carlo (Belmont) as the Glen Stuart Chorus, Backing an unknown "Dion" imitator on Abel Records in 1963. The Camerons' next move was to Laurie records, where they became The Demilles.  The Demilles had two releases on Laurie records. The first release "Donna Lee" had Carlo of the Belmonts added to the Group.


    Songs :

    The Camerons (2)

    Guardian Angel                             The Girl That I Marry

    Laura                                            Red Red Robin

    Mike Taylor "Mike DeMartino" bb The Camerons (2)

    He´s A Lover                                    Mi-A-Suri Talk

    The Demilles

    Donna Lee                           Um-Ba-Pa

    Cry And Be On Your Wy


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