• The Sparks (8)

    The Sparks (8) (Delaware, Ohio)

    Personnel :

    Lee Raymond  (Lead vocal/Trumpet/Trombone)

    Bill Comstock (Vocal/Guitarist)

    Bob Jackson (Vocal/Drums)

    Bud Warner (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - Robin Red Breast / Something Happened (Arwin 114)

    Biography :

    The Four Sparks got together as a quartet three months before the recording where they are known locally under the name of the Peps Boys, before choosing the name of the Four Sparks. The group are making quite a reputation for themselves in the music world with their recordings on the Arwin Label, features two original songs by Bill Comstock, leader of the quartet, "Robin Red Breast" and "Something Happened." The single was released as the Sparks.  Bob Jackson, drummer, who is also featured on vocals, started his musical career in 1957. Lead singer is Lee Raymond who also gets in some hot licks on the trumpet and is a talented man with a trombone. Bud Warner is the bass-man.

    The Sparks (8)    The Sparks (8)
                                                                                                                                          Bill Comstock

    In 1959, the group was reformatted into a group called The Standouts until Bill Comstock joined The Four Freshmen to replace one of them and and Jack Tafoya joined.  This is completely different material from what The Four Sparks performed, the Standouts had great jazz arrangements of The Great American Songbook and other musical treasures.

    Songs :

    Something Happened                                  Robin Red Breast 


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