• The Five Secrets  (Staten Island, New-York)
    aka The Secrets (1) aka The Loungers


    Personnel :

    Dave Concepcion (Lead)

    Pat Russo (First Tenor)

    Vinnie Santorelli (Second tenor)

    Steve Murphy (Baritone)

    Franck Del Cavo (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Five Secrets
    1957 - Queen Bee / See You Next Year (Decca 30350)

    The Secrets (1)
    1957 - Queen Bee / See You Next Year (Decca 30350)

    The Loungers
    1958 - Remenber The Night /  / Dizzy Spell (Herald 534)
    1991 - Wedding Bells / Teenage Bells (Park Ave.5)

    Biography :

    The group formed on Staten Island in 1955, initially singing for fun. In 1956 they decided to get serious about their talent. They soon got themselves a manager and shortly thereafter signed with Decca. Their first release with Decca came in 1957. The recording received little promotion, but it nevertheless afforded them many appearances. Early copies show "Secrets" on the label. Several weeks following the release of this first disc, the Five Secrets signed with Herald.


    As a legal precaution, they changed their name to the Loungers. Because of Herald/Ember's preoccupation with the Mellokings and The Five Satins, the Loungers received little or no attention.At Herald the material was written by the group, whereas at Decca Management gave them the material to record. This is most probably why they sounded so different on the two labels. Additionally, Decca had told the group that they wanted to sound pop. Shortly before the group broke up, Murphy Left and was replaced by Pat Russo's brother, Bernie.
    Encyclopedia of Rhythm and Blues and Doo-Wop Vocal Groups by Mitch Rosalsky

    Songs :

    The Five Secrets

    See You Next Year                       Queen Bee         

    The Loungers

    Teenage Bells                       Remenber The Night                        Dizzy Spell

    Wedding Bells



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