• The Sonny Bloch's Coralairs

    Sonny Bloch's Coralairs (Miami, South Florida)
    aka Sonny Bloch & The Coralairs 

    Personnel :

    Sonny Bloch (Lead)

    Tony Rinaldi

    Dave Delsesto

    Sal Ronci

    Arnie Warren

    Discography :

    Sonny Bloch's Coralairs
    1957 - Baby Blue Eyes / A Lover Is A Fool (Bee H08W-1543/1544)
    1958 - Buona Natale (Merry Christmas To You) / One, Two, Three (NRC 016)
    1959 - Louie The Elf / Buon Natale (NRC 5009)
    1959 - Gimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya Huh) / High On A Mountain Top (NRC 036)

    Sonny Bloch & The Coralairs
    1959 - Ask Me No Questions / The Hand Of Faith (Regal 7503)

    Tony Rinaldi
    1957 - Cha Cha Blues / Far Beyond The Clouds (Bart 7-G-16)

    Biography :

    In 1957, Tony Rinaldi recorded "Cha Cha Blue"s b/w "Far Beyond The Clouds". After this recording for Nick Bartell's Bart label, Tony Rinaldi became in Detroit a member of The Vocal & Instrumental group composed of Miami, Florida students :  the Sonny Bloch's Coralairs, named after Coral Gables, Florida, where the University of Miami is located. The Group was composed by Sonny Bloch, Dave Delsesto, Sal Ronci, Arnie Warren.

    The Sonny Bloch's Coralairs
    Tony Rinaldi, Dave DelSesto, Sonny Block, Sal Ronci & Arnie Warren

    Tony wrote "Baby Blue Eyes" and sang lead on the First single on the Detroit Bee label (produced in Miami) as by the Sonny Bloch's Coralairs. The group cut four more singles on NRC & Regal. Sonny Bloch and his Coralairs played Miami Beach's Rock'n M.B. Lounge and then toured Cuba in the late 1950s. They had a modest hit with the Christmas song, Buona Natale.

    The Sonny Bloch's Coralairs    The Sonny Bloch's Coralairs
                                                                             Tony Rinaldi, Sal Ronc, Sonny Block, Dave DelSesto & Arnie Warren

    Later, Irwin H. (Sonny) Bloch dovetailed his career into a fifteen-year career as a financial talk radio host heard on over 170 stations in the U.S including WOR-AM and WMCA-AM in New York City, host best-known for persuading hundreds of listeners to invest in a worthless securities scam bilking them of $21 million and spent time in Federal prison for tax evasion.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    Sonny Bloch & The Coralairs

    Ask Me No Questions


    Sonny Bloch's Coralairs

    Baby Blue Eyes                             Buon Natale

    A Lover Is A Fool                         Louie The Elf

    Gimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya Huh) / High On A Mountain Top


    Tony Rinaldi

    Cha Cha Blues


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