Jimmy J & The J's (Philadelphia)


    Personnel :

    Vito Jacono (Vocals/Guitar)

    Jim Jacono (Vocals)

    Sylvanius "Slip" Franklin (Piano/Vocals)

    Elwood "Bunky" Robinson

    Herb Campbell (Vocals)

    Frank Jacono (Drums)

    Discography :

    Jim Jacono & The J's
    1958 - Take My Money / Jay Walkin (Kay-Y 66783)

    Jimmy J & The J's
    1961 - Please be My Girlfriend / I've Lost (Salco 647)


    Biography :

    The J's began as "Jimmy and the J's" in 1958. The original  band included Vito Jacono (vocals and guitar), Jim Jacono (vocals), Sylvanus (Slip) Franklin (piano and vocals), Herb Campbell (vocals), and Frank Jacono (drums). Lou Razzae later joined the band playing sax.  In 1959, the J's made their first recording––an instrumental called, "Jay Walkin'" which became the J's theme song. The flip side was, "Take My Money." Herb Campbell and Lou Razzae left the band in 1960 and were replaced by Bunky Robinson on vocals and Lou DiMattio playing sax and other reed instrument.


    The next six years were a time of great growth for the J's. The band went on the road, touring up and down the East Coast of the United States and sharing the stage with such famous musicians as Dave Brubeck, the big band of Les and Larry Elgart, Wilson Pickett, Louis Armstrong, the Dukes of Dixeland, and many others!  It is interesting to note that the J's were always an integrated band! When the band formed in 1958––during the height of the Civil Rights conflicts in the US––  Slip Franklin was its first African-American member. Soon thereafter, Bunky Robinson joined the J's. Slip and Bunky knew Vito Jacono of the J's, because Vito often subbed with the Five Lords––the all black band Slip and Bunky worked with.

    Songs :

    Jimmy J & The J's

    Please be My Girlfriend                         I've Lost


    Jim Jacono & The J's

    Take My Money







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