Bob Jewell - Tod Smith - Bobby Fergusson - Sam Armstrong - Ron Smith
    Paul Nowlen - Walter Hogan - Jim Garret

    The Gates (feat. Bobby Fergusson) (Wingate, NC)


    Personnel :

    Bobby Fergusson (Lead)

    Bob Jewell

    Tod Smith

    Sam Armstrong

    Ron Smith

    Paul Nowlen (Piano/Organ)

    Walter Hogan (Drums)

    Jim Garret (Guitar)


    Discography :

    1959 - Wrapped In Green Made For A Teen  / Letter To Dick Clark (Peach K80w-0629/728)
    1959 - Wedding Bells Gonna Ring / Summer Night Love (Peach 716)


    Biography :

    The Gates Doo Wop Group formed in 1957-1958 at Wingate College (Wingate, N.C) winning a major contest at OVENS Auditorium in Charlotte in Feb 1958 with 2800 in attendance. This win led a recording contract for two records for Peach Records of Jefferson owned by Slim Williamson.

    Slim Williamson                                                                                                                                

    The Gates recording the four sides at Lowery records in Atlanta . Their second single, "Summer Night Love" hit the charts in a number of cities, was #13 in Columbia SC. Six of the original group transferred to the University of Georgia in 1958 (Athens) where They played many frat and sorority gigs with other performances at high schools and clubs.   The Gates were part of a tour called "Holiday for Teens" making appearances in GA, SC and NC.
    Thanks to Nehemiah Nowlen


    Songs :

    Wrapped In Green Made For A Teen        Wedding Bells Gonna Ring

    Letter to Dick Clark                           Summer Night Love


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