• The Normanaires (Brooklyn, New York)



    Doris Browne

    Malcolm Dodds

    Bill Glover (Baritone)

    Sam Dillworth


    Discography :

    The Normanaires
    1952 - Hambone / Be My Life Companion  / Anytime (Air Check 1000)
    1952 - Tell Me Why / Cry (Air Check 1001)
    1952 - Is It A Sin / Slow Poke (Air Check 1002)
    1952 - Undecided / Slow Poke (Top Ten 121)
    1953 - Wrap It Up / My Greatest Sin (MGM  11622)
    1954 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday / My Love For Dorothy (MGM 11886)

    Herb George & The Normanaires
    1952 - (It's No ) Sin / Wonder Why (Top Ten 118)
    1952 - Any Time / Tell Me Why (Top Ten 127)

    Gwyn Davies & The Normanaires
    1952 - Sensational / Little White Cloud That Cried (Joe Mara) (Top Ten 123)
    1952 - Cry / Please Mr. Sun (Top Ten 126)

    Terry Merrittee & The Normanaires ‎
    1952 - Shrimp Boats / Unforgettable (Top Ten 125)


    Biography :

    Malcolm Doods (The Tunedrops) was born in Brooklyn, and studied classical music at NYU. He was still living in Brooklyn in the early 50s and was busy working as a musical/vocal instructor and as always was involved with choral groups in Schools, YMCAs and churches, using his real name, Malcolm Williams. It was during this period that he was approached by arranger Fred Norman, to sing in a group. Thus the Normanaires were formed, comprised of Malcolm, Dorice Brown, Bill glover and Sam Dillworth. (Malcolm now began using the name "Dodds", taken from his mother's maiden name, in order to keep his two careers separate.)

                           Doris Browne                                         The Normanaires : Dodds, Doris, Glover & Dillworth

    Though the group has been through several personnel changes, the Normanaires recorded "Your Voice" for MGM in 1953 and appeared on Godfrey's Talent Scouts. The Normanaires provided backup for Herb George and Gwen Davies for some releases each on NYC's Top Ten Label. They also had three 78-rpm on Air Check with other artists. The Normanaires, although not credited on the labels, may be the group backing Doris Browne on some of her Gotham releases (1953-54).

                                                                                             Malcolm Dodds & the Tunedrops

    The group stayed together for two years, working locally, before breaking up. After one single with the Four Clicks, "You Lied"/"Higher Than High" in 1954, Malcolm , with Prentiss Polk, Bill Glover and Danny Simmons are featured on this first side for George Goldner's End label as Malcolm Dodds & the Tunedrops In 1957.


    Songs :

    My Greatest Sin / Wrap It Up                    Anytime          








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