• Kayo & The Trinities (Potlatch, Idaho)


    Personnel :

    Gary Whitmore

    Darrel French

    Sandy Downings


    Discography :

    1960 - Kathy Jo / Walking To School With My Love (Souvenir 1004)


    Biography :

    In a small Northern Idaho town, Potlatch, best Friends Gary Whitmore and Darrel French spend their free time, as many do, driving around in a hot car singing and enjoying their lives.


    Gary wrote a couple of songs that Gary and Darrel perfected together. Enter music teacher Sandy Downings. Taking their name from the Bible, the group decided to call themselves : Kayo & The Trinities. The Group head up the road to Coeur d'Alene Idaho with musicians they recruited…

    Kayo                                                                                      Darrel

    Souvenir records, owned by Chester Adkins, pressed the record and send it to the radio stations all over, including England where the boys became popular. Back at home, the boys toured the Palouse playing concerts and promoting the record.
    Kayo & The Trinities


    Songs :

                        Kathy Jo                            Walking To School With My Love    


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