The Martels (Nashville, TN)
    (Thanks to Chuck Bowersock)

    Personnel :

    Doug McDonald

    Lucien Anderson

    Luther Weathers

    Bob Bowersock

    Discography :

    1959 - Where Did My Woman Go / Teacher Don't Keep Me In (Nasco 6026)


    Biography :

    The Martels (from Nashville TN) made their debut on the "Ted Mack and The Original Amateur Hour" show November 2,1958.

    Bob Bowersock, Lucien Anderson, Luther Weathers, Doug McDonald

    Featuring the vocal talents of Doug McDonald, Lucien Anderson, Luther Weathers and Bob Bowersock, the quartet sang "Old Man River".

         The Martels

    The group later went on to record "Teacher Don't Keep Me In" and "Where Did My Woman Go" in 1959. They were managed by Charles Tinnon.


    Videos :

    Old Man River


    Songs :

    Teacher Don't Keep Me In                 Where Did My Woman Go




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