•                 (Pasteup Picture) Top : J.Moore, D.Green & C.Hughes - Bottom : T.Evans

    The Drapers (3) (New York)
    ref : The Drifters

    Personnel :

    Dock Green (Baritone)

    Johnny Moore (Tenor)

    "Carnation Charlie" Hughes (First Tenor / Baritone)

    Tommy Evans (Bass)

    Discography :

    1963 - (I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away / You Got To Look Up (Gee 1081)

    Biography :

    After leaving the Drifters, Dock Green formed a new Drapers group, with Johnny Moore, "Carnation Charlie" Hughes, and Tommy Evans (who was still with the Drifters). Since Evans, Moore, and Hughes had all been with the Drifters in the mid-50s, this meant that the Drapers were more the Drifters than the current Drifters were.    "(I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away" and "You Got To Look Up" were recorded for Gee on August 22, 1962 and released around February 1963, but the Drapers went nowhere (although they did go to Pittsburgh:the Drapers appeared on Clark Race's Dance Party, on KDKA-TV, to plug their record).

    Songs :

    (I Know) Your Love Has Gone Away            You Got To Look Up                 


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