• The Expressions (4)

    Johnny Zappula, Steven Matera, Carl Buntz, Anthony Moscato  & Jim Fallucca

    The Expressions (4)  (Staten Island, New York)

    Personnel :

    Carl Buntz

    Steven Matera

    Anthony Moscato

    Jim Fallucca

    Johnny Zappula


    Discography :

    The Expressions (4)
    1961 - My Love, My Love / The Sign Of Happiness (Arliss 1012)

    Vito Picone (bb The Expressions (4))
    1963 - I Like To Run / Song From Moulin Rouge (Admiral 103)


    Biography :

    Jim Fallucca started singing at the age of 12.  His cousin, Vito Picone of the Elegants, put Staten Island on the map with the #1 song in the country "Little Star".  He loved going to watch the Elegants pratice and soon started his own group with Johnny Zappula, Carl Buntz, Steven Matera and Anthony Moscato.  In 1961 the Expressions recorded two songs written by Jim Fallucca  "My Love, My Love" b/w "The Sign Of Happiness". The record was issued on Arliss Records owned by veteran songwriter, publisher and artists manager Robert Lissauer. The Arliss Records label didn’t have many releases, but in among those by the Expressions, the Preludes, Pancho Villa, and Karl Hammel Jr. The group disbanded after a few years.

    The Expressions (4)     The Expressions (4) 

    Jim Fallucca, Johnny Zappula, Carl Buntz, Steven Matera and Anthony Moscato                            Vito Picone                                 

    In 1962, Laurie record company wanted Vito Picone to do something like Bobby Darin where he broke the mold and started doing songs like “Beyond the Sea” and “Mack the Knife,” so they were looking for something like that for him. They came up with “Song from Moulin Rouge” and Vito written the other side of the record “I Like to Run.” The Expressions backed Vito on the two songs released by Admiral Records, distributed by Laurie records.

    Songs :

    The Expressions (4)

    My Love, My Love / The Sign Of Happiness

    Vito Picone (bb The Expressions (4))

    Song From Moulin Rouge                             I Like To Run      


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