• The Tri-Lads (Tulsa, Oklahoma)


    Personnel :

    Billy Reynolds Eustis

    Bill Ragan

    Chuck Fournier



    1957 - Cherry Pie / Always Be True (Perspective Sound 6457/Bullseye 1003)


    Biography :

    Billy Reynolds Eustis was born in Harden City, Oklahoma and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Billy sang in school group "the Contabulies" with Jim Scott, Mary Hazelton & Dan Smith. As The Tri-Lads, Billy With two other fellows from Tulsa Central High School, Bill Ragan and Chuck Fournier, went on studio and recorded "Cherry Pie" and "Always Be True" In 1957 . The Tri-Lads split up in 1957 after this record.

    The Contabulies (L to R)  - Jim Scott, Mary Hazelton, Dan Smith and Billy                                                                                           
    The first pressing was released on the Oklahoma based Perspective sound label in June 1957 and in December on the Bullseye label based in New York for national distribution. "Cherry Pie" disc received regional attention, especially on the west coast, but it failed to chart nationally. A few months later, in early 1960, Skip & Flip's polished waxing came out and became a huge hit.

    Billy Reynolds Eustis                                             Chuck Fournier                                                              Bill Ragan

    Billy Reynolds Eustis then went on to a solo career. His first solo was “The Rope” in 1960 , produced by Sonny Thompson and recorded at the famous Chess Studios in Chicago. Billy went on to record for Famous Music (Bobby Boyd, producer), Paramount (Marty Paich, producer) and Monument Records (as Billy Reynolds, Don Law, producer).http://www.eustismusic.com

    Songs :

    Cherry Pie                                          Always Be True


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