• The Essentials 1962 (Alvin Brandon Jr., James Roberts, Levi Robert and Daniel Hurt)

    Darnell & The Dreams (8) (Westchester, NY)

    Personnel :

    Darnell Jessamay (Lead)

    Alvin Brandon Jr.

    James Roberts

    Robert DeBerry

    Garfield Dorsey

    Discography : 

    Single :
    1964 - The Day Before Yesterday / I Had A Love (West Side 1020)

    Unreleased :
    1964 - New Love (West Side)

    Biography :

    The group was originally called The Essentials and consisted of Alvin Brandon Jr., James Roberts, Levi Robert and Daniel Hurt. The Essentials perform at various talent show from 1962. In early 1963, Levi Robert and Daniel Hurt leave the group, that replaces them with Robert DeBerry and Garfield Dorsey. With two new members, the Essentials change their name to The Dreams and added lead singer Darnell Jessamay. Jessamay became famous as a result of her affiliation with the Vestelles, who recorded for Decca.

    Lou Cicchetti

    Lou Cicchetti was the owner of the “Cousins Music Shop” in Fordham Road (The Bronx) and proprietor of the “Cousins” record label. Lou Cicchetti’s label became very important in the rock and roll music business. his record shop in Fordham Road was an important meeting point for all Italian American doo-wop bands (Dion & the Belmonts, Earls, Consorts) and fans alike.


    The Dreams were referred to Lou and approached him with 2 original songs: “The Day Before Yesterday“, written by group member Robert DeBerry and the flipside “I Had A Love“, written by Darnell Jessamay. In 1964 he recorded them as Darnell & The Dreams on his West Side label.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Day Before Yesterday                             I Had A Love        

    New Love


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