• Nathaniel Lewis

    Barney & The Googles (Memphis, TN)

    Personnel :

    Nathaniel Lewis

    Don Lewis

    James Wright

    Discography :

    1960 - Doin' The Shimmy / Fall Is Here (Shimmy 1055)

    Biography :

    Born July 30, 1943, Nathaniel Lewis was out in south Memphis with little old groups, doowoppin' up under the street post light whose the El Salvadors caught the ear of a local grocery store owner named Shillingstein who ask them if they got a song that they can recorded. They said they got two tunes they wrote.'"Shimmy In The Daytime, Shimmy At Night." and they got another one, "Fall Is Here." They cuttin' these two tunes. "Fall Is Here" b/w "Doin' The Shimmy" emerged in 1960 on Shimmy Records by Barmey & the Googles.

                                                                                                                                The Ovations   

    But the El Salvadors were not pleased when Shimmy changed their name to Barney and The Googles. His name was Barney, Barney Shillingstein. So he felt comfortable with Barney.they were all clustered around at the store, and had told the people in the neighborhood to listen. And Bamey got 'em to play it on the radio about one or two times. they thought they were really a real group then!.  Nathaniel Lewis, was subsequently to join The Del-Rios, featuring Louis Williams who had previously sung in The Four Kings (Stomper Time). The Del-Rios were to achieve some success in the mid sixties as The Ovations.


    Songs :

     Fall Is Here                                       Doin' The Shimmy



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