•  The Five Thrills (1) aka the Earls (1) The Five Thrills (1) (Chicago)
    aka the Earls (1)


    Personnel :

    Gilbert Warren (Lead Tenor)

    Oscar Robinson (Baritone)

    Fred Washington (Baritone)

    Obie Washington (Second Tenor)

    Levi Jenkins (Bass / Piano)


    Discography :

    The Five Thrills (1)
    Singles :
    1953 - My Baby's Gone / Feel So Good (Parrot 796)
    1954 - Wee Wee Baby / Gloria (Parrot 800)
    Unreleased :
    1953 - My Saddest Hour
    1953 - All I Want
    1953 - Ride Jimmy Ride
    1953 - Rockin' at Midnight
    1953 - So Long Young Girl

    The Earls (1)   
    1954 - Laverne / Darlene (Girl of My Dreams) (Parrot 803 )


    Biography :

    Parrot Records was a Chicago-based label founded in 1952 by disc jockey Al Benson. It specialized in blues, jazz, doo-wop, and gospel. The Five Thrills were basically an aggregation of young men who lived Thirty-first Street and began singing together in 1950, while they were still students at Douglas Elementary School at Thirty-second and Calumet.

         The Five Thrills (1) aka the Earls (1)
    Al Benson                                                                                                  

    The Five Thrills flashed onto the R&B scene in Chicago for a year during 1953-54 and then disappeared forever. During that year, they were the most frequently recorded group on Parrot. By early 1954, Robinson had left the group and was replaced with Leon Pace . Two sides from their last session (Parrot 800) were released under a new name : "The Earls".
    Robert Pruter "Doowop: the Chicago scene"


    Songs :

    The Five Thrills (1)

    My Baby's Gone                      Feel So Good                  Ride Jimmy Ride

    Gloria / Wee Wee Baby           So Long Young Girl                       Gloria

    Wee Wee Baby                     All I Want                      Rockin' At Midnight

    The Earls (1)

               Laverne                      Darlene (Girl Of My Dreams)


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