• The Manderins

    The Manderins (Denver, Colorado)


    Personnel :

    P. Longo

    K. Ortega


    Discography :

    1960 - Going Away / Let The Bells Ring (Band Box 236)


    Biography :

    Denver, CO. Band Box Records began with Karl Zomar in the early 1950’s as “Columbine” records. Name change to Band Box occurred in the mid-fifties, as the company was then owned by A.V. Pasca (Aurelia Victoria – maiden name) who later became Vicky Morosan. The label lasted until the early seventies. 

    The Manderins

    The Manderins released one single on Band Box in the early days of the label’s founding – 1960.  The Manderins were a Denver-based Hispanic group featuring a very soulful sound. They cut "Going Away" and "Let The Bells Ring". First called the Mandarans, they saw their name changed to the Mandarins when the single was released.  P. Longo and K. Ortega, the two writers of the songs on both sides are probably part of the group.


    Songs :

    Let The Bells Ring                                    Going Away  

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