• The Skylarks (3)
    The Genies ? - The Skylarks ?

    The Skylarks (3) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Chet Barnes (Lead)

    Bill Gains (Second Tenor) ???

    Alexander "Buddy" Faison (Baritone) ???

    Fred Jones (Bass) ???


    Discography :

    Chet Barnes & The Skylarks (3)
    1961 - Everytime It Rains / Is You Is (Embassy 201)

    The Skylarks (3)   
    1962 - Everybody's Got Somebody / Jeannie (Everlast 5022)

    Biography :

    All the photos of "The Genies featuring Roy C. Hammond" on the various albums published present a cut photo of the four guys. Marv Goldberg sent me the full picture, and it's titled "The Skylarks". After Five singles and one minor hit , the Genies had two interesting spin-offs. Roy Hammond embarked upon a solo career as Roy C and was rewarded with a hit in 1965 and Claude Johnson teamed with Roland Trone and they became Don (Roland) and Juan (Claude) and hit the # 7 spot on the Billboard charts in the early spring of 1962 with "What's Your Name".

    The Skylarks (3)   The Skylarks (3)

    A group of "Skylarks" emerged in 1961 after the separation of "The Genies". Their first record "Everytime It Rains" b/w "Is You Is" release by by Embassy , probably a New York label (though some locate it in Los Angeles). "Everytime It Rains" was written by Chet Barns and Roy Hammond, the two had already written  "Mama Blow Your Top" for the Genies. Could it be a reformation of "The Genies" with the other three members and Chet Barnes?. A new single will be released the following year by Everlast Record from New York with  "Everybody's Got Somebody" b/w "Jeannie" both written by Barnes....

    If anyone has informations!


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)     

    Chet Barnes & The Skylarks (3)

    Everytime It Rains                                   Is You Is        

    The Skylarks (3)

    Everybody's Got Somebody                               Jeannie


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