• Steve Alaimo & The Redcoats (Rochester,NY)

    Personnel :

    Steve Alaimo

    Jimmy Alaimo

    Brand Shapiro

    Jim "Chris" Christy

    Discography :

    The Redcoats

    1957 - Perkin / Hi Ho (Kite 2003)
    1957 - Jelly / The Girl Can't Help It (Lifetime 6112/3)

    Steve Alaimo & The RedCoats
    1959 - She's my baby / Should i call (Marlin 6067)
    1960 - Blue Fire / My heart never said goodbye (Dickson 6444-6445/Imperial 5699)

    Steve Alaimo (bb The RedCoats)
    1959 - Home by eleven / I Wanna Kiss You (Dade 1800)
    1959 - Love Letters / You can fall in love (Dade 1805)
    1959 - I want you to love me / Blue Skies (Marlin 6064)
    1959 - The Weekends Over / Girls! Girls! Girls! (Marlin 6065)

    Biography :

    Alaimo was born in Omaha, Nebraska on December 6, 1939, and moved to Rochester, New York at the age of five. He entered the music business during his time as a pre-med student attending the University of Miami. He entered music by joining his cousin's instrumental rock band The Redcoats, becoming the guitarist, and eventually, the singer.


    The Redcoats consisted of Jim Alaimo on rhythm guitar, Brad Shapiro on bass, and Jim "Chris" Christy on drums. After playing a Sock hop held by local Disc jockey Bob Green and label owner Henry Stone, the band earned a record deal with Stone's "Marlin Records". In 1959, "I Want You To Love Me" became a regional hit for the band.


    Green became Alaimo's manager, ultimately giving up the role to Stone. That same year, Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars came to Miami needing a band to back up artists, so the Redcoats became that band.


    Songs :

    My heart never said goodbye     I want you to love me

    CDs :



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