The Chaps (1) (Kiski Valley, Pittsburgh)
    aka The Four Chaps (2) 


    Personnel :

    George Esposito

    Joe Cesario

    Ron Fulton

    Sonny DiNunzio

    Bob Savastano

    Discography :

    The Chaps (1)
    1960 - Perfect Night For Love / One Lovely Yesterday (Brent 7016)
    1961 - They'll Never Be / Heaven Must Have Run Out Of Angels (Matador 1814)

    The Four Chaps (2)
    1965 - True Lovers / Will You Or Won't You (Co & Ce 231)

    Biography :

    The original lineup, an a cappella vocal group, was The Chaps. When Sonny DiNunzio joined, the group became The Four Chaps. Later Ron Fulton was added. Records of The Chaps: "One Lovely Yesterday" & "Perfect Night For Love" on Brent Records, New York City. "Heaven Must Have Run Out Of Angels" & "They’ll Never Be" Lou Christie sang the high parts.

    The Chaps (1) aka The Four Chaps (2)   
                                                                                                                                             Lou Christie

    Christie achieved success with the following hits: "The Gypsy Cried", "Two Faces Have I", and his biggest National hit "Lightnin’ Strikes". Lou made fame when he was connected to the Cenci Co & Ce Label. The records were released on the Matador label. The Chaps joined with Lennie Martin, a string arranger for The Skyliners of "Since I Don’t Have You" fame. The Skyliners were a successful Pittsburgh doo wop band who went National. The Chaps broke up when the song "Heaven Must Have Run Out Of Angels’" chart steam ran out.

    The Townsmen

    The original lineup moved to the West Coast. While in California, The Chaps recorded on Capitol Records and played the Los Angeles arena. They auditioned for the popular "Shindig" show with Glen Campbell on guitar with the song "Lonesome Traveler".  They phoned DiNunzio and asked him to join thus The Four Chaps. DiNunzio formed The Townsmen afterward.

    Songs :

    The Chaps (1)

    They'll Never Be                    Perfect Night For Love

    The Four Chaps (2)

    True Lovers



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