• The Cupids (6) 

    The Cupids (6) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Lenny Colton (Lead)

    Henry Jensen

    Nicky Rodriguez

    Danny Rodriguez


    Discography :

    1962 - (If You Cry) True Love, True Love / Let's Twist (Say Man Let's Twist) (UWR 4241/4242)
    1963 - Brenda / For You (KC 115/AAnko 1002)
    1963 - Lorraine / Little Girl Of Mine (MusicNote 119)
    1964 - Pretty-Baby / Lets Rock (Time Square 1)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Brooklyn  consisted of two Black guys ( Brothers Nicky and Danny Rodriguez) , one White (Henry Jensen) and a Puerto Rican as lead (Lenny Colton). In 1962, They recorded on United World Records "True Love, True Love" b/w "Let's Twist". With their second single, The Cupids enjoyed a big Hit with "Brenda" (First Issued on Aanko and leased to KC owned by Nat King Cole ) but their career came to a sudden halt with the death of Lenny Colton, their lead singer. He died by accident while sleeping in his car of carbon monoxide. This caused hardly a bother to their record company.

    The Cupids (6)   The Cupids (6)

    The record started to make some noise so the record company decided to send out another group in the Cupids place. The Camelots, David Nicholas , Milton Pratt , Joe Mercede , Elijah Summers and Julius Williams from Coney Island recorded in the same time for the Jerome brothers (Steve & Bill) for Aanko Records. Typical of the times, they simply took one of their other groups and gave them the name. So the Camelots went out doing shows as the Cupids, but didn’t make the record.

    The Cupids (6)  
                             The Cupids                                                                  The Camelots as The Cupids

    The group got a free ride as the Cupids on the strength of "Brenda" but they were already quite popular as the Camelots and later did well as the Harps. A few months later despite the death of their lead singer, the remaining three original singer recruited a new singer. Henry Jensen took over the lead singer and the group recorded "Lorraine" b/w "Little Girl Of Mine" on MusicNote in 1963 and "Pretty-Baby" b/w "Lets Rock" on Time Square the next year.


    Songs :

    (If You Cry) True Love, True Love / Let's Twist (Say Man Let's Twist)

    Brenda                                                     For You


    Little Girl Of Mine                                Lorraine




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