• Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4) (New York)
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    Personnel :

    Billy Ford (Vocal)

    Alma L. Johnson (aka Alma Fortez) (Vocal)

    Freddie Pinkard (Vocal)

    Hugh Brodie

    Mace Morgan



    Discography :

    Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4)
    1957 - La Dee Dah (Billy & Lillie) / The Monster (Swan 4002)
    1957 - How Can I Be Sure / Billy Boy Blow (Vik 0263)

    Billy & Lillie & The Thunderbirds (4)
    1963 - Whip It To Me Baby / Love Me Sincerely (ABC-Paramount 10421)

    Billy & Lilly & The Thunderbirds (4)
    1965 - Baby You Don't Know / I'm In Love (Crossroad 101)


    1962 - Toddle Town Twist And Swing / My Little Girl (Ebony EP 105) (yellow label)
    1962 - Twist And Swing / The Monkey & The Baboon / Shake And Swing (Ebony EP 105) (blue label)

    Biography :

    A single recording,  the now Famous "La Dee Dah" has placed Billy Ford's Thunderbirds featuring  Billy and Lillie among America's most popular music stars. It's release set off a chain reaction among music fans which was relayed through the nation's disc jockeys in a demand for more of the Ford magic, and considering Billy Ford's reputation for giving his audiences what they ask for, a future parade of hits is no idle speculation.

     Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4)     Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4) 

    Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (without Lillie Bryant)              Alma L. Johnson (aka Alma Fortez) and Lillie Bryant

    An indefinable quality of showmanship coupled with an uncanny eye for spotting talent have enabled Billy Ford to create the seemingly impossible, the presentation of seven versatile performers in a show with a scope ordinarily required the talents of twenty.

     Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4)

    Though Billy is undeniably gifted with wealth of innate talent, he credits much of his present success to two valuable years spent with Cootie Williams singing in vocal groups, collaborating with other writers, and most important of all, learning deft staging and the maximum use of talent.Ambition making him restless and confidence urging him on, Billy left Williams to form the Thunderbirds, and from the beginning the combination has clicked. The show's flexible format features comedy, choreography, instrumentals and vocals skillfully handled by the happy seven in the Ford fold.

     Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4)      Billy Ford & The Thunderbirds (4)

    With a show that is particularly suited to the intimate night club stage and is yet adaptable to a large theatre audience, success has followed success for billy and the group in such renowned spots as Hollywood's Brown Derby and New York's Paramount Theatre.
    (Alan Freed's Publicity)







    Songs :

    The Monster                          La Dee Dah







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