• The Contels  (Albion, PA)


    Personnel :

    Gene Vito a.k.a. Lyon (Lead Singer)

    George A. Nopio, Jr.(Tenor)

    Loren "Bugsy" Cope (Bass)

    Anthony "Tony" Mezzacapo (Second Tenor)

    Michael K.  D'Amico (Guitar)

    Gary Miller (Drums)

    Discography :

    1959 - Hey You / Lover's Dream (Warwick 103)

    Biography :

    After attending a performance given by the "The Four Coins" Loren "Bugsy" Cope and George A. Nopio, Jr decided to start their own group. They knew a younger singer, His name was Gene Lyon. He became their lead singer. They added Michael K. D'Amico a guitar player.

    The Contenials                                                        Gene Vito a.k.a. Lyon

    Their manager, Donald Hubert, talked the group into entering a talent show in Cleveland, Ohio. Under the name "The Contenials" They took the first place.  New Singer Anthony "Tony" Mezzacapo  provided the group with the sound and the harmony they looking for. The Group return to Cleveland, Ohio Talent Contest as finalists.


    The Contenials took first place and received a recording contract. Because a successful group in Florida that had that name, "The Contenials" were now "The Contels" and cur a single for Warwick.

    Songs :

    Hey You                                  Lover's Dream






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