• The Raiders (1)
    Robert Wahlsteen (Bob Chance) 

    The Raiders (1) (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Willie Bobbitt (Lead)

    Al Hardy (Lead and Bass)

    Robert Wahlsteen (First Tenor)

    Leroy Haskins (Second Tenor)

    Jessy Payton (Baritone)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1958 - Raiders From Outer Space / The Castle Of Love (Atco 6125)
    1958 - Walking Through The Jungle / My Steady Girl (Brunswick) 55090

    Unreleased :
    Well Baby (Atco)
    School Me In The Art Of Love  (Atco)


    Biography :

    At the tender age of 10, Robert Wahlsteen (Bob Chance) won his first talent contest, and at 12, appeared on the TV show "Opportunity Knocks". In early 1957 , in the Bedford, Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, The Romans a local vocal group lost their first tenor and Robert Wahlsteen joined the group as new tenor. The Romans are an interracial group consisted of Willie Bobbitt (Lead), Leroy Haskins (Second Tenor),Jessy Payton (Baritone), Al Hardy (Lead and Bass) and Robert Wahlsteen (first Tenor), 5 kids, ranging in age from 14 -18 years old.

    The Raiders (1)   The Raiders (1)

    The Romans moved to New York’s famous brill building and contacted with Roy Hamilton who send the group to Gale Records. The group recorded several demos : "Castle Of Love", "Well Baby" , "School Me In The Art Of Love", "Mr.Conductor", "The Night She Were Pink". Roy Hamilton present the demos to Al Lewis and Don Kirshner  who liked the songs and signed as their managers. Al and Don change the group name to The Dovers and send this to Atco Records where with the help of Bobby Darin recorded in 1957 the sides "Raiders From Outer Space"b/w "Castle Of Love". Under the group name of The Raiders.

    The Raiders (1)     The Raiders (1)

    Without success and with the Atco label dedicated to the Darin’s recordings the group led out, also in this time Willie Bobbitt and Leroy Haskins left the group. Frank Feliciano joined as new member, now The Raiders have two white and two black members. Robert’s brother Herb Wahlsteen signed as their new manager and moved the group to Decca’s Brunswick label who recorded the guys in 1958 "Walkin Through The Jungle7"b/w "My Steady Girl". Again without any success the group members disgusted broke up soon. Robert put a new group in New Jersey, The Enchanters signed with ABC Records where recorded some demos but none were released as a single. In 1959 he joined the marines, in 1966 back and in the late 60’s and the 70’s recorded under the name of Bob Chance.

    Songs :

           The Castle Of Love                      Raiders From Outer Space

             My Steady Girl                       Walking Through The Jungle

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