•  The Reflections (4) aka The Illusions (3)
    1963 - Chuck Tunnah, David Dunn, Pat Baldwin, & Larry Dunlap

    The Reflections (4) (Indianapolis, IN)
    aka The Illusions (3)

    Personnel :

    Dave Dunn (Lead)

    Pat Baldwin

    Larry Dunlap

    Chuck Tunnah (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Reflections (4)
    Single :
    1963 - Tic Toc / In The Still Of The Night (Tigre 602)
    Unreleased :
    1963 - Don't Worry Baby

    Rick Fortune bb The Reflections (4)
    1963 - Running Wild / Sand In My Hair (Ran-Dee 108)

    Mona Thomas bb The Reflections (4)
    1964 - There He Goes / Just In Between (USA 776)

    The Illusions (3)
    1964 - In The Beginning / Maybe (I May Be Wrong) (Laurie LR 3245)

    Biography :

    Larry Dunlap met Chuck Tunnah near the beginning of his Junior year at Shortridge, Indianapolis. Chuck, Hastings Smith, and Pat Baldwin, freshmen at SHS, formed a vocal group with Larry called the Aristocats. Chuck Tunnah and Hastings Smith were already accomplished vocalists and they went on to sing together in the Acappella Choir and Madrigal Singers and the North Methodist Church Choir. After Their school years, Chuck, Pat, and Larry, joined by David Dunn from Broad Ripple continued singing. As the Reflections, They recorded "In The Still Of The Night" & "Tic Toc" released on Tigre Records owned by Jan Hutchins. Hutchins was one of three producers of "Stay" by Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs and before that, he had been a popular DJ in Florida.

     The Reflections (4) aka The Illusions (3)      The Reflections (4) aka The Illusions (3)

     "In The Still Of The Night" were a version much different from the way it was originally recorded by the Five Satins. Chuck would start it off with a bass run of "De dun-de-dun, dun-de-dun-dun, and etc." and then Dave would sing the lead against the rhythm as Pat and Larry would join into the mix. The record started to break, oddly enough not in Indianapolis but back east and then in the south. Then it started to really take off on the big 50,000 watter, KLS in Chicago, so Jan Hutchins sent the Reflections up to do a sock hop in support of the local DJ's there. By then it was number 5 on their charts with a bullet!

     The Reflections (4) aka The Illusions (3)
    1965 - Mac Brown, Chuck Tunnah, Larry Dunlap, David Dunn, & Les Silvey

    Despite the fact that they were heading up the charts in several major markets and were rising into the top 5 on the hit parade with a bullet in Chicago, they were a "turntable" hit, they weren't selling any records. The distributor rep said the reason was that no records had been pressed because somebody the master recording had been lost and Jan Hutchins hadn't made a backup!. By the time it was pressed, the Reflections who recorded (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet) had hit with their song. They sang backup on Mona Thomas and Rick Fortune’s singles  and changed to the Illusions and recorded  "In The Beginning " and  "Maybe (I May Be Wrong)" released on Laurie Records in 1964. They become Stark Naked & The Car Thieves during the San Francisco-era ones.

    Songs :

    The Reflections (4)

    In The Still Of The Night                            Tic Toc             

    Don't Worry Baby

    The Illusions (3)

    In The Beginning

    Rick Fortune bb The Reflections (4)

    Sand In My Hair                                   Running Wild

    Mona Thomas bb The Reflections (4)

    There He Goes                           Just In Between



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