• The Ovations (3) aka Little Romeo & The Casanovas (3)

    The Ovations (3) (Queens, New York)
    aka Little Romeo & The Casanovas (3)


    Personnel :

    Sammy Cantos (Lead)

    Gary Willet (First Tenor)

    Ron Buchter (Second Tenor)

    Greg Malmeth (Baritone/Bass)



    Discography :

    The Ovations (3)
    1964 - Who Needs Love / Remembering (Josie 916)

    Little Romeo & The Casanovas (3)
    1965 - That's How Girls Get Boys / Remember Lori (Ascot 2192)



    Biography :

    The Ovations are another you white vocal group who made their way to the Josie label in the 1960's. The Group consisted of Sammy Cantos (Lead), Gary Willet (First Tenor),Ron Buchter (Second Tenor) and Greg Malmeth (Baritone/Bass). They hailed from Flushing and Bayside in the New York city borough of Queens.They were all still in high school when they recorded two sides for writers and producer Neil Levenson and Steve Duboff. Levenson had already been successful writing "Denise" for Randy & The Raimbows (Rust 5059) in 1963.

    The Ovations (3) aka Little Romeo & The Casanovas (3)    The Ovations (3) aka Little Romeo & The Casanovas (3)

    Jubilee then bought the Masters and released "Who Needs Love" / "Remembering" as Josie 916 on January10,1964.  "Who Needs Love" was picked as the 'Boss Record of the Week" on the popular Murray the K radio show in New York City.  However, with no promotion and changing musical tastes, record sales and applause for the Ovations was mostly confined to their local Queens neighborhood. The Group stayed together long enough to release another favorite "That's How Girls Get Boys" / "Remember Lori" as Little Romeo & The Casanovas (Ascot 2192) in 1965


    Songs :

    The Ovations (3)

    Who Needs Love                               Remembering     

    Little Romeo & The Casanovas (3)

    That's How Girls Get Boys                       Remember Lori              


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