• The Avons (3) (Nashville, Tennessee)
    aka Jenny & The Jewels (6) ???
     (By Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Paula Hester

    Beverly Bard

    Fran Bard




    The Avons (3)
    1963 - Push A Little Harder / Oh, Gee Baby (Groove 58-022)
    1963 - Rolling Stone / Words Written On Water (Groove 58-033)
    1964 - Whatever Happened To Our Love / Tonight Kiss Your Baby Goodbye (Groove 58-0039)
    1966 - Be Good To Your Baby / Just As Long As I Live (Sound Stage 7  2561)
    1967 - Talk To Me / Got To Get Used To You (A-Bet  9419)
    1968 - Since I Met You Baby / He's My Hero (Excello 2296)
    1968 - Tell Me Baby (Who Would I Be) / A Sample Of My Love (Ref-O-Ree 700)

    1963 - A Fool / I’ve Got More Love / The Pig  (Groove)
    1964 - How Many Tears Til Tomorrow / Don’t Stop / Come Out Dancin’ / Every Little Beat (Groove)
    1968 - I Would If I Could (Excello)
    1968 - Tell Me Baby (Who Would I Be) (Alternate Take) (Ref-O-Ree)

    Jenny & The Jewels (6) (rumoured to be The Avons)
    1964 - Baby Love / Baby Don't You Do It (Leroy Jones)  (Hit 153)
    1966 - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart / It's A Man's, Man's World (Leroy Jones)  (Hit 257)
    1967 - In And Out Of Love / Everlasting Love (Steve Miller) (Hit 313 )


    The Avons were formed by Paula Hester, Beverly Bard and her sister  Fran Bard while at Pearl High School, Nashville. They started out on RCA's Groove label in 1963, moved to Sound Stage 7 in 1966, then to Excello in 1967 releasing their last single on Ref-O-Ree. The first single released in 1963 was "Push A Little Harder". Single number two "Rolling Stone" was published in 1964 by Excellorec, the publishing arm of Nashville's Excello label. The group were dropped by RCA apparently because their 2nd and third singles were not as successful as their 1st.

    The group were still working with John "Bucky" Wilkin, leader of Ronny and the Daytonas. His co-writer Bobby Russell (also of the Daytonas) had contacts with Monument Records and got them a deal with their subsidiary Sound Stage 7......resulting with the single "Be Good To Your Baby" in 1966. The Sound Stage 7 single didn't work as well as expected so Bob Holmes got the group a contract with Excello Records where he worked as a staff producer.  Excello put the group on their subsidiary A-Bet and produced the single "Talk To Me" in 1967. For the next single the group was promoted to the main Excello Label and had their next single issued in 1968. "He's My Hero" was co-written by Bob Holmes and former Ikette Joshie Armstead. This was the last work they did with Excello.

    "Night Train To Nashville"                                                                  

     In 1968 The Avons and veteran producer Ted Jarrett were picked to launch the newly formed Ref-O-Ree label. "Tell Me Baby (Who Would I Be) their 1st and last single with the label and was the group's last known work. In the UK, the single was released as by The Novas, so as not to confuse with the British group. The Avons each recorded for the Ref-O-Ree label of Nashville. Both acts also recorded cover versions of charted records for the local budget Hit label. Rumored The Avons used the monicker Jenny & The Jewels...


    Songs :

    Push A Little Harder                Oh, Gee baby                   Rolling Stone

    Words Written On Water    Whatever Happened To Our Love   Be Good To Your Baby

    Tonight Kiss Your Baby Goodbye     Just As Long As I Live          Talk To Me

    Since I Met You Baby         Tell Me Baby (Who Would I Be)     I Would If I Could

    Got To Get Used To You



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