The Crescendos (3) (Nashville, TN)
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)



    Personnel :

    George Lanius

    Kenneth Brigham

    Jim Lanius

    Jimmy Hall

    Tommy Fortner


    Discography :

    The Crescendos (3)

    Singles :
    1957 - Oh, Julie  / My Little Girl (Nasco 6005)
    1958 - School Girl / Crazy Hop  (Nasco 6009)

    1958 - Young And In Love / Rainy Sunday (Nasco 6021)

    1961 - Let's Take A Walk / Strange Love (Scarlet 4007)

    1961 - Angel Face / I'm So Ashamed (Scarlet 4009)
    1962 - Oh, Julie / Angel Face (Tap 2027)

    Unreleased :
    1958 - I've Tried (Nasco) 
    1958 - Gawk' N' Stroll (Nasco) 
    1958 - Lucky Love (Nasco)
    1958 - Teenage Angel (Nasco) 

    Lowell McGuire bb The Crescendos (3) (Uncredited)
    1958 - Spellbound / Leave My Girlie Alone (Nasco 6007)

    Janice Green bb The Crescendos (3) (Uncredited)
    1958 - Jackie / With All my heart (Nasco 6013)



    Lps :

    The Original "Oh Julie" With the Crescendos  (Guest Star 1453)
    1962 - Oh Julie / Angel Face / I'm So Ashamed (Other tracks by another Crescendos group)


    Biography :

    In 1958  the sounds  of a sweet ballad chanting "Oh Julie" pierced the airwaves of   all top 40 radio stations across the country. The second vocal group release for the new Excello subsidiary Nasco, based in Nashville Tennessee, the Crescendos had the biggest Nasco label hit by far, selling about a million copies.

    It was also a popular song to record. Otis  Williams and the Charms sold 300,000 on King, and Sammy Salvo sold 250,000 copies with   RCA. The female voice  that really added a hook to the record was Janice Green.

    The Spades

    The  group was originally called the Spades, but wisely changed their name. They attended Cumberland  High school in Nashville Tennessee,  and the group was discovered at a talent show.


    There were three releases on Nasco, two on Scarlet, an album released after the fact on Guest Star, and a release on the Tap label.


    The Crescendos did the back-up vocals for Lowell McGuire on "Spellbound" backed with "Leave My Girlie Alone"on Nasco, but they were not credited because the Label operations manager, Ernie Young, did not want them to interfere with the monster hit they had in the making with, "Oh Julie".

    Ernie Young with The Crescendos

    They also backed  Janice Green (The Oh Julie Girl) on her Nasco record "Jackie".

    The Crescendos were part of the national tour called "The Biggest Show Of Stars". Oh Julie was riding high late 1957, and carried well into 1958.

    For their two records on Scarlet, The group did not include Jimmy Hall.

    Songs :

    The Crescendos

    Lucky Love                                      Teenage Angel

    Oh, Julie                                    I've Tried

    My Little Girl                                    Gawk' N' Stroll

    Lowell McGuire (bb The Crescendos) 

    Spellbound                                  Leave My Girlie Alone

    Cds :

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