• The Caprees (Jackson, Mississippi)

    Personnel :

    Maurice Tony Gray

    Willie “Butch” Johnson

    Eddie Anderson

    Robert “Earl” Johnson

    Discography :       

    1962 - If I Should Lose You / Where There’s a Will (Buccaneer 502)

    Biography :

    The Caprees were Maurice Tony Gray, Willie “Butch” Johnson, Robert “Earl” Johnson and Charles “Chuck” Guy. Jobie linked them with Bob McRee, owner of the same studio that hosted The Vels’ session. McRee called in Tim Whitsett to provide the backing band for “If I Should Lose You” and “Where There’s a Will”. Released on McRee’s Buccaneer label, the disc had regional success. Later, in 1966, the group traveled to Detroit and was signed to Golden World by producer Don Davis. Changing their name to The Holidays, their debut single (“I’ll Love You Forever”) was a hit. Coincidentally, Don later joined Stax Records in Memphis, and hired Tim Whitsett to run the music publishing division East/Memphis Music, proving that it is indeed a small world.

    Songs :

    If I Should Lose You


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