• The Gallahads (2) (Seattle, Wa)

    Personnel :

    Bobby Dixon (First Tenor/Lead)

    Jimmy Pipkin (First Tenor/Lead)

    "Tiny" Tony Smith (Second Tenor)

    Clifton James (Baritone/Tenor)

    Ernie Rouse (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Gallahads (2)
    1960 - Gone / So Long (Nite Owl 20)
    1960 - Lonely Guy / Jo Jo The Big Wheel (Del-Fi 4137/Donna 1322)
    1961 - Be Fair / I'm Without A Girlfriend (Del-Fi 4148)
    1961 - Why Do Fool Fall In Love / Gone (Rendezvous 153)

    Jimmy Pipkin & The Gallahads (2)
    1962 - This Letter To You / The Answer To Love (Donna 1361)

    The Gallahads (2) (San Pedro group)
    1964 - Keeper Of Freams / Sad Girl (Beechwood 3000)

    Jimmy Pipkin's Gallahads (2)
    1964 - My Offering / Have Love Will Travel (Sea Crest 6005)

    Biography :

    The Gallahads -- led by Jimmy Pipkin -- are best remembered for "Lonely Guy," an enormous smash hit in 1960. Jimmy Pipkin, Bobby Dixon, "Tiny" Tony Smith and bass man Ernie Rouse formed this vocal group in Seattle, WA, in 1952, while they were still in junior high. At first they called themselves the Echoes, but by the time they traveled to L.A. to record for Del-Fi Records and the Donna subsidiary, they were calling themselves the Gallahads.  Their first single, "Lonely Guy," was released on both the Del-Fi and Donna labels, almost simultaneously.

    1959 (At the Birdland Club) L to R : Joe Hardy, Bobby Dixon, Tony Smith, Clifton James and Jimmy Pipkin.

    It proved to become an enormous smash, charting between June and September of 1960 and peaking at number nine in the Top Ten. In Los Angeles, it spent ten weeks at number one on the KFWB Fabulous Forty, the number one station in town. It also charted at number 111 on the national pop charts.  By the time of their next release, the Gallahads' lineup had changed a little bit:  joining lead singer Pipkin and Ernie Rouse were fellow Seattlite Ray Robinson and L.A.-based doo wop/R&B musician/arranger/producer Charles Wright, who also worked with label-head Bob Keane as an A&R man and produced and arranged recordings by Little Caesar & the Romans and other acts.

    The Gallahads (1974) L to R : Ernie Rouse, Jimmy Pipkin (at top), "Tiny Tony" Smith, Charles Sampson.

    Pipkin's final Gallahads single failed to earn them airplay as well and the original group soon split up. Meanwhile, the Gallahads name resurfaced again in 1964 with "My Offering," this time with Billy Burns on lead vocal and a white teen band called the Counts backing them up. The Seattle-based Pipkin continued to perform with an oldies version of the Gallahads.

    Songs :

    The Gallahads (2)

    Gone                               So Long                                 Lonely Guy

    Jo Jo The Big Wheel                     Be Fair                  I'm Without A Girlfriend

    Why Do Fool Fall In Love

    Jimmy Pipkin & The Gallahads (2)

    This Letter To You             The Answer To Love

    Jimmy Pipkin's Gallahads (2)

    My Offering             Have Love Will Travel

    The Gallahads (2) (San Pedro group)

    Keeper Of Freams                    Sad Girl



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